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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   If complexity requires design, where did the Deity come from?
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Message 98 of 111 (588067)
10-22-2010 5:52 AM
Reply to: Message 96 by dennis780
10-22-2010 4:35 AM

So you are saying that the lottery is the best bet for retirement savings...I got it.
I suspect you are pretending to be just slightly dumber than you may actually be.
However, I will take your idiocy at face value and explain his statement and its meaning for you.
You are claiming that extremely unlikely events are essentially impossible.
Winning the lottery is an extremely unlikely event.
But that's only true if you look at the lottery as a single trial against a single event at very long odds.
If you look at the lottery as it ACTUALLY IS, which is multiple trials by multiple individuals against a single event of long odds, you discover what happens in reality.
In REALITY the lottery is won quite often.
The math you presented earlier fails for the exact same reasons.

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Member (Idle past 2609 days)
Posts: 2965
From: Los Angeles, CA USA
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10-22-2010 5:58 AM
Reply to: Message 94 by dennis780
10-21-2010 4:10 AM

More idiocy
Borel's Law tells us that anything with a probability less than 1 in 10^50 is "mathematically impossible." There are 10^80 particles (electrons and protons) in the universe (best number I could find online) estimated. Even if each particle in the universe performed (10^20) events per second, and the universe was 15 billion years old (10^18 seconds), then 10^80 x 10^20 x 10^18 = 10^118. Even in the most generous situation, the number far exceeds Borels Law. You have better odds of winning the lottery (1:13,983,816, 6/49), than convincing me that Borels Law does not apply to chemical evolution.
Are you even paying attention to what you are writing?
I'm going to break it down for you:
Borels Law - 1:10^50 - is a description of long odds for a hypothetical event.
Your other number: 10^118 - is a description of (apparently) all the possible things which could happen to all the possible particles since the Universe began.
The fact that 10^118 is LARGER than 10^50 means that there are MORE possible outcomes than are required for your "Borel's Law" event.
In fact, there are SIGNIFICANTLY more.
In other words (pretending for a second that your numbers are correct and that they are in any way relevant to the discussion at hand) you just soundly disproved your own point with your own data.

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