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Author Topic:   Is America a Christian Nation?
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06-01-2012 12:38 PM
Reply to: Message 141 by Jzyehoshua
05-26-2012 4:30 AM

Re: William Penn
Much of America's government was based on Penn's, which originated concepts like a 2-house elected assembly, a bill of rights with freedom of religion/speech/property, term limits, women's rights, and fair trial by jury.

I read through both the profile of William Penn and the Province of Pennsylvania pages on CreationWiki. Nowhere in either document do I see anything advocating freedom of speech. He may have advocated for it, but it certainly didn't make it into his Frame of Government.

Also, the only item on the Province of Pennsylvania page that mentions women at all specificaaly DENIES them a right.

Regarding property rights: "XVI. That seven years quiet possession shall give an unquestionable right, except in cases of infants, lunatics, married women, or persons beyond the seas."

The only mention of women's rights on the William Penn page is:

"Well ahead of his time, William Penn not only interacted peacefully with Native American tribes, but insisted on equal rights for women."

However, this claim is unsourced, and, after reading through several of the citations given, I can find no reference to the idea of women's rights.

I did enventually find a reference to Penn's book "Just Measures" which does in some ways advocate for women's rights but only in relation to participation in chuch life. I can't find any reference where he held such beliefs for women's rights in secular society. And, as I stated above, he specifically EXCLUDES women from property rights in the Province of Pennsylvania Frame of Government.

Seeing as how women's rights and freedom of speech are enshrined in Constitution (now at least), Penn's Frame of Government was CLEARLY not the only thing this country was based upon.

And to truly swing this back on topic, perhaps someone would give an example of one of the founding principles of the US that is EXCLUSIVE to the Judeo/Christian faith? As opposed to something more universal in nature?

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