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Author Topic:   Evidence for the Biblical Record
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03-17-2010 8:11 PM
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03-17-2010 5:35 PM

Re: Ears Wide Open
We have the patients
And so, Dr Lyx2no, what do you intend to do with the patients now that you have them? Come, come, I haven't the patience to sit here all day waiting for you to answer...

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08-15-2010 4:49 AM

So little evidence for it, so much evidence against it...
archaeologist writes here:
we have museums filled with archaeological evidence supporting the biblical record.
The simple fact is that we don't. When I was a young evangelical Christian, I went looking for this evidence as I had been told the same thing by my Bible study mentors. I could not find it. I went to the Biblical Archaeological Review, the one serious evangelical Christian archaeology publication, and they showed that it does not exist. There is very little evidence even *consistent* with the OT, never mind that actually supports the OT narrative.
There is no evidence for Moses and the Exodus. There is plenty of evidence against the Exodus, which, according to the Book of Exodus, was essentially the exile of around 2 million people from Egypt! This is a huge percentage of the population of Egypt at that time yet no mention is made in any of the Egyptian texts. Nor is there any archaeological evidence of the migration of that staggering number of people as it criss-crossed the Sinai and Levant regions.
We can go on: there is no evidence for Joshua and the Conquest. There is plenty of evidence against it. There is no evidence for any of the Judges and no evidence for Saul. For mighty David and all his great stories, there is one scrap of pitiful evidence that may just mention his name - that is all - and many dispute that it has anything to do with the David of the OT.
There is virtually no evidence at all for the entire pre-captivity OT narrative of the Jews.
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