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Author Topic:   Evidence for the Biblical Record
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04-08-2010 5:41 AM
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03-23-2010 4:16 AM

Re: Denial Of The Evidence
Hi, I have enjoy silently lurking this forum =) (for a while) but I do have a few question in regards to the following comment.
yet its interesting that the Chinese character for ship is made up of eight people in a vessel.
Ship is comprised of the following components
boat + eight + mouth = Ship
bit of a coincidence, isnt it? Especially if they 'apparently' had no contact with the people in mesopotamia before the language confusion.
This is an incorrect way to interpret this word.
The word "船(chun)" should be separate by left and right, not into 3 parts.
Left side is "舟(zhōu)", which is the word use for boat (usually for small size) and ,in this case, the right side is known to be "形聲(xng shēng)" (a method use by many Chinese character to pronouns a word).
The reason this is stated is because in "說文解字(Shuowen Jiezi)" the word 沿(yn),鉛(qiān),船(chun) (notice the similarity on the right side of the Chinese character) are categorized by separating the word left and right and not by separating into three parts.
Another question is there are many word to describe ship, why only choose one and explore on it?
Any of the above word can mean ship in Chinese literature.
I was looking around and found this No webpage found at provided URL:, I am not sure if this is the source of your information?
i have been trying to find more chinese characters but i dont have the right software to download them
from your link i found another 'mouth'
Creation is comprised of the following components
dust + (breath of) life + (from God's) mouth + motion = Creation
Interestingly, this is the character for 'creation'. Its a very similar to the genesis account of Adams creation where he was made of dust and God blew into him the breath of life
Without going deeper in to the actual word one obvious question cross me when I was reading. By what standard did the author define the stroke as a "(breath of) life"? I am deeply trouble and would like some clarification.
I want to apologize for any error I have with English, as anyone could have guessed by now it is not my native language.

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