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Author Topic:   Can survival of the fittest accomodate morals?
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03-22-2010 11:20 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by Den
03-22-2010 12:45 AM

... all this is considered as a positive natural process in the eyes of biological science.


My question to the Athiests/ Evolutionists ...


why can rape, murder and poligamy in the animal kingdom be seen as natural and successful in the eyes of natural selection for all animals, but why does science exclude homo sapiens from conducting such behaviour? why are those people who rape and murder put in prison instead of respected, such as the strong lion? why dont we imprison other animals which commit such acts? isnt this a double standard?

Excuse me?

Where did you get this tripe? Pull it out your ass?

You got some kind of comprehension problem?

Have you learned nothing here?

[ABE] I have got to learn to read the thread before I respond.
See all the responses above.

Edited by AZPaul3, : Dollar short ... again.

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 Message 1 by Den, posted 03-22-2010 12:45 AM Den has taken no action

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