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Author Topic:   Can survival of the fittest accomodate morals?
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05-28-2010 9:30 AM
Reply to: Message 43 by jaywill
05-28-2010 4:11 AM

jaywill writes:

And the matter of what I call "Look Ahead Ability" is lacking in the evolutionary scheme.

Of course, there is no such ability.

Natural selection is suppose to cause adoption for living things as they exist at the moment.


To believe that evolutionary gradualism accounts for all the life that we see there has to have been some ability to intelligently look ahead - ie. a plan.

Why would that have to be the case?

Well you have to admit that an Intelligence that is without limit would take at best a long time to catch up to.

In fact if it was limitless (what does that even mean, a limitless intelligence) you could never catch up, could you?

But when you say Evolution explains everything we see, you are not being less presumptious ?

Of course not, we have evidence for evolution. And no evidence for god.

I have a problem with believing that Darwiniam gradualism can explain ALL that we see.

And who told you it explains all? That person was an idiot. It doesn't explain the sun, the moon, the stars, the other planets, how earth was formed and a whole host of other things. So no, Darwiniam gradualism doesn't explain ALL we see.

There is a lot of concepts in this charge that I do not agree with. For one it kind of insituates that God is a arbitrary despot, a tyrant bent on keeping "mere mortals" kept from their possibilities.

In this charge is the old assumption "God is out to keep you down so that you do not fulfill your highest possibilities."

This kind of suspicion does not reflect what I see in the life of Christ as the MAN with whom God was well pleased. It doesn't add up with what I see as the climax of His eternal purpose or salvation.

IF God did not want man to be like God then why would God make man in the image of God? Suspicions that "God is the enemy" I think are unfounded in many ways.

The bible clearly states god dreaded man becoming like him, that's why he kicked adam and eve out of eden afterall, to keep them from the tree of life. Because after eating from that, they would be like him completely. So, god kept them from their full potential. As he is want to do in the bible.

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Member (Idle past 1610 days)
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From: Limburg, The Netherlands
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06-03-2010 3:00 AM
Reply to: Message 53 by Dr Adequate
06-02-2010 9:05 PM

I didn't misunderstand you. I will admit however, that I was being a little pedantic when I made that statement. But with creationists ( I was responding to one), you never know if they actually think that everything came through evolution, or if they mean just the life we have observed. That's why I find it important to point out to them that evolution only explains life.

Of course, I know your stance on this, and it isn't any different from mine, as far ass I can tell.

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 Message 53 by Dr Adequate, posted 06-02-2010 9:05 PM Dr Adequate has not replied

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