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Author Topic:   Can survival of the fittest accomodate morals?
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05-19-2010 8:39 PM
Reply to: Message 34 by MrQ
04-09-2010 5:43 PM

Interesting topic. Certainly evolution developed some sort of moral behavior in animal kingdom. But what I couldn't figure out yet is the conscious in us. For example, we some how value moral acts and there is a sense of content and satisfaction after it. Also when you do an immoral act there is a sense of gilt after it. I don't believe any animal have such feelings. This sense is so strong that people commit suicide because of it. For example we sometimes see a murderer goes and turn himself in or kill himself just because of this sense. Or where is that blush after lying comes from?!

Why is this confusing for you? Why would these feelings not be "hardwired" and a product of natural selection? Why wouldn't they also be the product of social pressures from other members of your species? As a social Species we want to be accepted by others of our own species.

It confuses me that this confuses you.

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