Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   New Moderator: AdminSlev
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03-29-2010 1:41 PM

Hi everyone, thanks for the kind words who are all very appreciated.

What was supposed to be a simple pastime during my summer nights last year (I worked as security on a campground) turned out to be much more then that. I think this forum is great and so when Percy proposed me that I be an Admin, I accepted almost instantly. Good administration of this forum is one of the strong points here, and I am happy to help in that direction and hopefully be able to keep the standards ever so high.

Perfect objectivity is unfortunately impossible, but I will do my best. I have always loved the forum slogan ''Understanding through Knowledge and Discussion''. Our purpose is that people learn and go back more informed and knowledgeable then when they arrived. I find that this is much more easily done in a 'discussion' approach rather then 'debate' approach. As I said a couple of times here, I hate a debating attitude, and as I once read ''debate brings out the worst in all of us''. This is certainly true in my opinion. So to those who see other peoples opinions, ideas, and thoughts as an argument to be destroyed, know that this is not the approach that I favor.

There are, of course, specific places here where debate can be done. And of course, if both sides in a particular discussion have this 'debate' approach to it, I have absolutely no problem with that.

(Wouuh, this was all longer then I thought it would be)

To Larni: Hehe, the force of my suspension bat depends only on you people here actually.

To Gène Bleu: Ton Français Est excellent!

To JUC: For my personnal case Percy sent me a PM asking me if I wanted to join the admin group.

Once again, thanks very much everybody!


Edited by AdminSlev, : Past-time -) pastime. Thx Dr.A!

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Member (Idle past 3917 days)
Posts: 113
Joined: 03-28-2010

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03-31-2010 1:48 AM
Reply to: Message 20 by Blue Jay
03-31-2010 12:45 AM

It's OK ... I guess ...

for my part I also like the Predators a lot, such a well managed team. I would say that they are one of my favorite teams out west.

But the Canadiens have the better looking logo, that's for sure

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 Message 20 by Blue Jay, posted 03-31-2010 12:45 AM Blue Jay has taken no action

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