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Author Topic:   What exactly is ID?
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01-10-2010 6:41 AM
Reply to: Message 573 by PaulK
01-09-2010 7:00 PM

Re: Mutant Ninja Turtles
Show me some beneficial random mutations....
There is only a minuscule number of mutations that provide any perceived benefit to an organism.
And in every instance I've been presented with, rather than actually being a benefit, the situation is one where the adopted change is a defense mechanism. Rather than actually improving an organism to a higher state than it's peers, it functions to promote and sustain a poorly performing process.
It's only "helpful" in that it helps weaken the species population.
And that the best example people can come up with.
Not a very valid concept.
Much less a foundational principal.
Much less The Answer To Life And Everything.
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Member (Idle past 5270 days)
Posts: 162
From: Milwaukee, WI, United States
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01-10-2010 8:07 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by Son
06-09-2009 2:38 PM

I found my ID in a flood
I would like to know what is really ID.
By that, I mean for ID:
-what is the age of the earth?
-what did the designer create? (species? genus? family?)
-when did he create life?
-I would also like to know if possible, what are the observations that lead to your answers.
An odd way to ask with such little background info...but
1. The earth was made fully usable about 10,000 years our reckoning. I'm not saying the dirt and rock under our feet was like a fresh batch of thin Plaster of Paris, set up, and dirt sprinkled on top at that time.....but that a fully formed, usable, ready to go earth was created at a particular time about that many years ago.
A good designer creates things that are suitable for the intended purpose. An intelligent design would include good weather, so we could sleep outdoors and a reasonable fuel supply for inclement weather. And nice hard bedrock so skyscrapers wouldn't tip over.
2. An Intelligent designer created Man, plus every kind of animal DNA that the world would be needing. (species? genus? family?)
(colony? slueth? drove? skein? husk? brood? cast? drift?)
"Drove" applies to cattle, so just picking one, I'll say He created a whole "Drove" of animals that included every animal needed.
3. Yes, during the week, the Intelligent Designer created life. Mind you, none of the animals needed teething. None needed help from parents. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? The chicken. The chicken was created, ready to lay eggs.
(Glad to clear THAT one up.)
Observations for #3. Putting a chicken in one open pen area and an egg in the other, I observe the chicken survives. So the chicken came first.
Observations for #2. Dogs have more physical variation than most any species of animal we know, weighing from 18 ounces to 280 pounds. And we did that with selective breeding alone.
So I observe that a species carries all the genetic material it needs to cover all the variations we've seen. No new genetic information has ever been created, (none is needed) and that which we find is degrading at sometimes predictable rates. Nobody has ever found a suitable source of new genetic material as mutations are generally harmful and most commonally fatal. So scientific observation points to a large pool of information and planning upfront, with decay of systems and information over time. I may not LIKE what I see, but it's reality none the less.
Observations for #1. I observe that the planet is designed to work very well. The tilt is just right, the moon is the correct size to help us live well, (not at all a "natural size" for a moon), the weather is suitable, ground moves enough to make mountains, but not so much that we deal with volcanoes darkening the all is pretty well designed. Especially considering life can't exist anywhere else.

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