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Author Topic:   What exactly is ID?
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06-26-2011 5:55 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by Son
06-09-2009 2:38 PM

Son writes:
what is the age of the earth?
The age of the earth is irrelevant to what ID is.
Son writes:
what did the designer create? (species? genus? familiy?)
Is this a trick question? If I reply with Bible verses of what God created then you say "WAIT A SECOND, I thought ID didn't claim 'GOD" as the desingner". Yeah, that's true, it doesnt. The designer designed everything from You, Me, the Animals, Sun etc etc. The complexity of these things call for a designer. Maybe we'll get to Vestigial organs later on if you think that's an issue.
Son writes:
when did he create life?
Another trick question (it seems) Again, if I say God created all life roughly 6000 yrs ago then it looks like Im claiming God as the desinger. Here is what ID is:
ID is a theory that some complex biological structures and other aspects of nature show evidence of having been designed by an intelligence. Such biological structures are said to have intricate components that are so highly interdependent and so essential to a particular function or process that the structures could not have developed through Darwinian evolution and instead must have been guided in there development.
Not when. We see how some things are so complex that intelligence must have guided the process.
Son writes:
I would also like to know if possible, what are the observations that lead to your answers.
When you walk down the beach and see a sand castle( not a pile of sand with a few holes in it but a structure that you can identify with) what are your observations that lead you to believe that it wasn't the wind that slung that castle together?
There are a 1000 examples. The Sand Castle is easiest to understand.

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