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Author Topic:   Creationist problems with radiocarbon dating
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04-21-2010 3:17 PM
Reply to: Message 51 by IchiBan
04-21-2010 1:58 PM

IchiBan writes:
while the creationists put their name on their works and when you read the articles you find them well sourced etc.
Wow, I didn't know we were graced with the real Chuka Ichiban, a genuine Japanese anime.
Can I ask a question? Are your eyes really big and do you have blue hair?
like this. . .
Oh wait, you're not him. So why do you post under that moniker and yet chastise Coyote for not using his real name while posting on an internet message board?
I'm sure if you asked Coyote to see one of his technical papers it would have his real name on it. I'm also sure that it would be properly cited and sourced. The main difference between his papers and those of Morris et. al. is that Coyote's papers would actually have science in them, actual research. He would pose a thesis and then test that thesis with data collected from his archaelogical digs.
Morris, on the other hand, made outrageous claims and then never bothered to test to see if they were actually viable.

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