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Author Topic:   Should we teach both evolution and religion in school?
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08-20-2013 7:32 PM
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05-04-2010 7:22 PM

RE Creationism taught in schools
Thank you for this important post. I totally agree with you. Religion is a dangerous means to mind control people and particular children. The subject religions on planet Earth would be a teaching subject to teach but only to kids older than 16 so that they can learn all about the different religions, what they stand for, all of their values, how the religion evolved and why, what it does to people psychologically, what people gained from it, who gained from it and why, what were and (or) are the negative aspects of any particular religion and so on. Children under 16 are way too receptive for all kinds of craziness and as the Catholic church said it "when you have a child from 7 you have him for life". This needs to be avoided particularly in a country which is already struggling with world image and world market competitiveness.

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