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Author Topic:   Should we teach both evolution and religion in school?
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11-22-2014 8:47 PM
Reply to: Message 650 by Coyote
11-22-2014 2:43 PM

Re: Belief in science
Evolution is clearly a scientific fact, it is also clearly a scientific fact that evolution can not happen without DNA to mutate and or combine DNA of both parent organisms, in order for evolution to happen. Evolutionary theory does not explain where DNA came from, it can not. Now that said evolution is a wonderful thing as it allows the human race to, for instance produce better food crops, corn being one. If you could invent an organism or life process, that would adapt itself to changing conditions, and thereby improve itself over time, would you not do this? Sure you would, as this would free your time to do even more inventing, why must evolution and ID be totally separate? Why can evolution by DNA code changes, not be an engineered process? If you have the answer, you are a fool, because at the moment, this answer is beyond the knowledge curve of the human race, yet so many know for sure what is true......! The only thing that you can truly be sure of, is that 99.9999 percent of all knowable knowledge, is unknown.

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