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Author Topic:   Should we teach both evolution and religion in school?
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08-23-2010 2:46 AM
Reply to: Message 117 by anglagard
08-23-2010 2:30 AM

Yes, they are.
Hang on: women are punished for a woman's sin by having all of these silly specific rules assigned to them, and some stupid addition of enormous pain during childbirth.
But men receive absolutely nothing despite the man doing exactly the same thing as the woman did?
Yeah, that's almost a perfectly balanced relationship, isn't it? Well, except for stuff like the complete imbalance.
Further evidence that
  1. the story was written by or for a patriarchal society,
  2. that this god is not worth spitting on, let alone believing in, and/or
  3. that it's pure nonsense.
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09-03-2010 9:44 PM
Reply to: Message 121 by Nuimshaan
09-03-2010 8:51 PM

Re: Evolution of the Chimpanzee
{Irrelevant reply to blather message hidden - Adminnemooseus}
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09-04-2010 3:06 AM
Reply to: Message 130 by Adminnemooseus
09-04-2010 1:38 AM

Re: Nuimshaan, 24 hour suspension / Many messages hidden
Message 119:
Tempo writes:
Religion, or more particularly, creationism, should not be taught in schools. This is because there are too many variations of creationism, since there are so many different religions. None of these are supported by observed evidence or data.
Evolution is backed up with biological data and the fossil record, but even more importantly, evolution is a theory that effectively demonstrates the scientific method. For these reasons, it should be taught in schools.
Following that, there was a backlash at archaeologist before it turned into the nonsense from Nuimshaan and associated bored criticisms.
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