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Author Topic:   Silly Design Institute: Let's discuss BOTH sides of the Design Controversy...
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Message 52 of 219 (263923)
11-28-2005 8:10 PM

Leave the silly analogies to the IDots
Hey there, been a while.

In the first post it was said that the bacterium would move several times its body length every second and the boat with the propeller would move about 3.

Ok, it sounds like the bacterium is winning when scale is not taken into account.

Then you say that because the meecetrap (I mean boat, sorry) would go much slower with a long hose instead of a propeller this means that a propeller on a bacerium would make it go faster.

But we are talking about something on the macroscale and something on the microscale, if not the molecular scale.

I actually don't know one way or the other, I'm just critiquing the quality of the argument and it seems on par with anything that would come out of Michael Behe's mouth.

So, I don't know, but maybe you do know if on the scale of a flagellum ,would a propeller-like configuration actually impart MORE or LESS motility to the bacterium?

But from your post it makes it sound like scale-to-scale the bacterium beats the boat. (I'm guessing several is more than 3.)

If these arguments are meant to get IDrs into the fray then go for it, but if they are meant to prove any kind of point... I dunno, they seem like these silly analogies from ignorance made by the main IDots.

Sorry, I realize now that it wasn't the first post and that I should have replied directly. Sorry.

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