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Author Topic:   Why would an intelligent designer design these?
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06-09-2005 8:30 PM
Reply to: Message 45 by Eledhan
06-07-2005 8:54 AM

Re: Bizarre logic.

This very country, assuming you live in the U.S., was founded by Christian "religious" people.

This part was already commented by others, but I think this url might be a good read:


... or whatever it is you want to call the whole atheistic worldview; ....

Evolution is about the change in the genetic composition of a population over generations.

Atheism means disbelief or denial of god(s).

Heh, so these two aren't really the same thing. Being an evolutionist doesn't rule out being a buddhist, jewish or even a christian etc.

Sorry if my definitions are a bit lacking, others can and should correct me.

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 Message 45 by Eledhan, posted 06-07-2005 8:54 AM Eledhan has taken no action

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