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Author Topic:   Why would an intelligent designer design these?
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06-06-2005 2:13 PM
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02-14-2005 2:58 PM

Maybe there is a problem with the assumption of only one designer. May sound weird, but God could still have created everything, but also have created beings less knowledgeable than he, beings that try to use His techniques and principles to produce stuff.


Personally, I have long felt that evolutionary dogma would eventually follow suit, per secular humanism, which seemed very materialistic, and then later New Age spiritualism became a big force among the same educated crowd of Americans that reject traditional religion, but found strictly "material" explanations insufficient, "material" defined classically.

In the same manner, I predict in another 30-50 years, the alien hypothesis will become dominant, and evolutionists will insist there is evidence of alien intervention. We'll see.

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