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Author Topic:   Why would an intelligent designer design these?
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06-06-2005 6:27 PM
Reply to: Message 34 by Eledhan
06-06-2005 5:59 PM

Re: Bizarre logic.
then why is it that as you read this, you get this feeling inside as if there must be something more?

What is it with these theist types that makes them think everybody in the world thinks the same way they do?
I have no feeling inside that there "must be something more," Eledhan. You may well be a nice person, and you're certainly very welcome to this forum, but I'll bet you're not a mindreader......

If you give me the winning numbers for Wednesday's Texas Lotto, I'll reconsider the possibility of your psychic powers. ;)

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 Message 34 by Eledhan, posted 06-06-2005 5:59 PM Eledhan has taken no action

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