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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Identifying false religions.
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07-07-2010 7:00 AM

I never could get the god idea to make sense. I tried, but it felt like rationalizing, and then I became afraid to even think about the subject lest I begin to doubt and get punished for my doubt (Catholic indoctrination). I thought the notion of god killing his kid (who was really him) for ME was creepy.
I used to believe in souls-- and I wanted to believe. But even after all these eons of belief, there isn't an iota of evidence.
And since most religions seem to claim that we have souls that do something or other after we die, that makes all religions BS to me. I don't see evidence that humans can feel ANYTHING after they die, so why should I be worried about heaven or hell or what some mortal tells me some supposed invisible deity wants?
If there were evidence for souls, scientists would be refining, testing, and honing that evidence like crazy-- for their own benefit as well as the benefit of those they loved. But if scientists can't find evidence for such things, why would we think anyone has? Why can't we test and no more about such things like we can about everything else that is real? If there were souls, then the souls would step in when a brain was damaged, but that doesn't happen. You can't even make a new memory without a working hippocampus... so why would we think anyone could think or feel anything without a brain at all? Now it just sounds like magical thinking to me-- like all supernatural beliefs. I can see why people believe in such things and why they want to hang on to those beliefs... but that doesn't work for me. I'm too aware of how easily people can be fooled... how easily I've fooled myself. Now I'd want evidence that consciousness CAN exist absent a material brain before I 'd care what anyone has to tell me about immaterial beings --including god(s) and souls.

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