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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Problems with evolution? Submit your questions.
Inactive Administrator

Message 232 of 752 (578144)
08-31-2010 9:36 PM

In the (unlikely?) event of something profound happening in this topic...
This is a "Free For All" topic with a catch all topic title. As such, I tend to regard it as being a garbage dump topic - A repository of random dubious thoughts not worthy of bothering to monitor.
The reality is probably not nearly that bad. But I have some fear that a truly worthy discussion may happen here, only to be lost in the sludge.
I am suggesting that if indeed such happens, please, someone propose a topic where said discussion can have a proper home with a quality topic title.
That said, this message will now get buried in the sludge, to never have any real and useful function beyond giving me a momentary warm fuzzy feeling that I've tried to do some useful as a moderator.
Or something like that.

Inactive Administrator

Message 752 of 752 (607478)
03-04-2011 12:39 AM

Free For All topic has long outlived its purpose
Personally, I pay very little attention to FFA topics, as I view them as dump sites for misc. material of dubious value (or something like that).
I'm now guessing that much has happened in this topic that should have been in more theme specific topics in the "non-garbage dump" forums. Thus, I'm going to close this one down and force those good themes to find a better home. At those better homes, feel free to link back to this topic - But the relevant text should be included in the "better home".
Closing in no less than 15 minutes.
Gripes about this action? Consult "Index to certain important topics" to find the appropriate place to gripe.

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