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Author Topic:   Problems with evolution? Submit your questions.
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06-20-2010 6:32 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by SwampDonkey
06-20-2010 2:51 AM

What is your own position please? Are you a creationist?
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Member (Idle past 2531 days)
Posts: 788
From: Leicester, UK
Joined: 09-16-2007

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06-23-2010 2:45 AM
Reply to: Message 28 by articulett
06-23-2010 2:21 AM

And in astronomy news today . . .

Many famous comets may be visitors from other solar systems

One poster here said that Kuiper Belt objects have a very low albedo, which is the case for some but not others:

Astronomers Study Kuiper Belt Object During Stellar Occultation

And no, the Oort Cloud has not been directly observed (yet), which is why creationists love to harp on about how it doesn't really exist. Telescopes will shortly prove them wrong and they'll have to look for another red herring.

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 Message 28 by articulett, posted 06-23-2010 2:21 AM articulett has not yet responded

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