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Author Topic:   Genesis 1 vs. Genesis 2
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09-15-2010 4:43 AM
Reply to: Message 168 by NOMA&NOPAAKAAN ORPHAN
09-15-2010 2:24 AM

Oh yay, another one.
OP writes:

Genesis 1 states that the order of creation went Animals, Plants, Man & Woman.

OP writes:

Genesis 2, however, states the order was Man, Plants, Animals, Woman

A clear conflict in the order of creation. Got any evidence -- i.e. primary material -- that says these aren't in conflict, or are you going to acknowledge that a literal reading of the Bible cannot be inerrant?

And yes, you are frothing. You presented no reasonable objection, no such evidence, just a broad rejection of the thread's premise without ever actually directly addressing the thread's contents. Statements like

{the original post} has been probably cut and pasted from another site by this poster and or from a muslim fundamentalist bible disinformation site

indicate that your intent is only to denigrate, aggravate, and instigate. Not to actually debate the topics at hand.
I think that the position of annoyingly loud fundamentalist that just accuses asserts and equivocates, but never presents evidence or rational argument is already taken, but he may be at the end of his rope anyway. You could probably apply again soon when he moves on.

And here I thought this country was exempt from idiocy like yours.

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