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Author Topic:   Evolution & Abiogenesis were originally one subject.
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07-03-2010 11:19 PM

Analogy time: Birth and the life that happens after
In this analogy:

1) Abiogenesis=Birth

2) Evolution=Life after birth.

Now we can assume that every living human went through a birth event. Then they had a life after that birth. Yes, the birth and the life after are explicitly connected events/processes.

Now, do we need to know anything about the details of the birth event, to be able to study and understand much of the later life? No.

For that matter, do we need to know anything about the first half of the lifespan, in order to be able to study and understand much of the later half of the lifespan? Again, no.

So, yes the parts are connected and related, but you don't need to know and understand everything to be able to know and understand at least some of the parts.

Or something like that.


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