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Author Topic:   Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve: Part II
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08-08-2010 5:31 AM
Reply to: Message 30 by ICdesign
08-08-2010 1:07 AM

The route of the RLN is obvious... but only when you consider evolution
The problem is I haven't seen any books that explain the details of where the RLN came from and the probable path of how it randomly and miraculously ended up providing such a clear and obvious purpose.
Obviously, none of you have a clue either according to your empty posts.
Really? I think many of us have explained this time and time again. Here is my explanation from the previous incarnation of this thread, and it fits perfectly with Dr A's diagram a few post back:
cavediver in reply to Big_Al35 writes:
And it is an incredibly good reason [why the RLN takes its route] and it fits with everything we know concerning evolutionary development. The reason is that the fourth vagus branch has *always* innervated the sixth gill arch and has *always* looped around the sixth aortic branch. Back in the precursors to fish there was a deep symmetry between the vagus nerve branches and their respective gill arches they innervated.
Over the past several hundred million years, evolution has differentiated the gill arches such that the sixth is now the larynx. It is *still* innervated by the fourth vagus branch, the RLN, and the RLN *still* loops around the 6th aortic branch, now known as the ductus arteriosus (a shunt vitally important to the early survival of my youngest son as he was born with TGA.)
The circuitous route of the RLN is explained perfectly by evolutionary development. We do not need other reasons or possibilities for we have THE reason.
The question is, why are *YOU* so scared of the explanation given? Why are *YOU* so pressured into ignoring the world-wide collective knowledge of developmental biology? Why are *YOU* so unable to accept the findings of good science?
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