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Author Topic:   Simultaneous Evolution?
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From: slovenija
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09-18-2010 7:18 AM
Reply to: Message 33 by barbara
09-17-2010 11:59 PM

Re: RNA World?
Since a RNA virus is a single chromosome then isn't logical to think that since we have 23 chromosomes X2 each parent that our chromosomes are actually RNA viruses linked together with all of their information put into DNA storage?

there are some hypothesis that suggest that the first cell had no dna and that dna was introduced later

What does a single human chromosome contain in information?

a whole lot in "bits and bites" i have no idea though some worms have more gens than humans do.

Can science identify each chromosome for what it does?

well the Y chromosome is responsible for a human ofspring to be a man, though im guessing your asking about gens they dont know every gen but they do know what some gens do they are still working on the others i think iceland has a project that is trying to determine what individual gens do.

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