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Author Topic:   Crop circles and intelligent design
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01-26-2005 2:35 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by Aximili23
01-25-2005 10:17 PM

While non-intellignet causes have been considered for the basic, circular "crop circles" it is true that most are considered the result of intelligent work.

However so far as I am aware science has NOT concluded that any unknown intelligence is involved. Even though there is no non-design explanation that is currently adequate to explain the more complex examples or any real hope of one.

So yes, I'd say that this is an interesting comparions - the ID movement IS very like the people who insist that crop circles are the work of extraterrestrials. And the ID'ers appear to come off worse in that comparison.

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Joined: 01-10-2003
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01-26-2005 3:45 AM
Reply to: Message 5 by Aximili23
01-26-2005 3:29 AM

Well lets clarify a few things. Human pranksters are a known intelligence - we know that they exist even if we can't name individuals responsible for a particular circle.

And I would certainy say that the more complex patterns are both more obviously the product of design than anything in biology - and the lack of a reasonable alternative is more solid than for anything in biology.

So in fact - especially if we include the possibility of human pranksters the inference of intelligent design has a stronger basis for crop circles than anything the ID movement has.

Now I don't think that there has been a lot of solid scientific investigation of crop circles. And that is the main reason why there has been no solid conclusion - it's just too likely to be human pranksters and that is of zero scientific interest (an unknown or poorly understood weather phenomenon on the other hand would be - so the more complex patterns are really LESS interesting to science).

In principle it is POSSIBLE some form of "ID" might become science - but the ID movement would need to seriously clean up its act and start doing a lot more work before there is any hope that they will contribute to it. It is NOT very likely that a scientific "ID" would bear much resemblance to what we see from the current movement.

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