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Author Topic:   Helping a Friend about the Nature of Science
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From: slovenija
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09-19-2010 5:28 PM
Reply to: Message 29 by Yrreg
09-19-2010 4:38 PM

Re: Something exists on the quantum level and in chaos.
What is chance in science?
what is the chance that a coin will land on its head 50:50 throw it a 100 times and it will come close to that number or not it could show 70:30 but the more times you throw it the closer it will get to a 50:50 ratio you can get multiple heads in a row but thrown enough times your bound to get a tail
the chance of winning the lottery is very small but if enough people buy lottery tickets at one time one is bound to win.
chance dose not cause anything it is only a probability that something will happen given the circumstances

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Member (Idle past 418 days)
Posts: 2932
From: slovenija
Joined: 09-04-2010

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09-20-2010 6:10 PM
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09-20-2010 5:41 PM

Re: Life and the universe is not to be known just on the tossing a coin.
Life and the universe is not to be known just on the tossing of a coin.
you are absolutly right that is why we test things mesure them observe them and then come to a logical conclusion and if new data arises that contradits our conclusion we dont discard the data we discard the conclusion.
You say that chance is probability.
That is very good, because then it is not something that is absolute chance but relative only, relative to our capacity to see how a thing will undergo an event where it is the subject or the object, and what the situation of the thing will turn out after one occurrence of the event, then after n number occurrences of the event.
yes exactly, and if somthing has a chance of happening it will probably happen some would say it is impossible to win the loto 2 times in one lifetime well an english bloke would disagree whit them he won 2 times once 9 milion pounds the second time 4,5 million
Suppose now you want to find out how a thing that is without life develops into a thing that is living.
Take for example you pick a grain of sand from a swamp and throw it up, a grain of sand from the primeval soup according to some atheist scientists from where life originated, by what they describe as the process of life coming from non-life -- abiogenesis (insofar as they can see from their eyes, that is).
it is simple to get ogranic molecules and amino acids if you want to make them in a gas container you need
# water (H2O
# methane (CH4)
# ammonia (NH3) and
# hydrogen (H2)
and a spark aminoacids and organic molecules will form the building bloks of life
This meteorite, that fell near Murchison, Australia on 28 September 1969, turned out to contain a variety of organic molecules
moar building bloks from outer space
if you can get the parts there is a chance of life spawning
So, you have to be intelligent to know more about life and the universe than just saying that it is probability that explains everything.
well no probability dose not explain anything on its own and it never did in science you probably asume so because you do not have the fatcs that go whit the probability
Of course you will say that it is probability working in the billions and billions of years.
well yes and no its not probability alone it is probability and the laws of nature and what matter is availible
In which case you should be saying it is the billions and billions of years.
That billions and billions of years of course will be your explanation for anything and everything, and it is not using your intelligence.
well actualy it is but not alone combined whit the fatcs and the laws we know.
if i could prove beyond a doubt that god did not start the big bang you would still say well he is hiding in the eleventh dimension, if i proved beyond a doubt thet he is not there you would say i dont have the mesuring equipment to find him witch is the more intelegent way of thinking
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