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Author Topic:   August, 2010, Posts of the Month
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08-24-2010 2:00 AM

GDR on what Christianity is really about
Author: GDR
Forum: Miscellaneous Topics in Creation/Evolution
Thread: Is Theistic Evolutionist an oxymoron?
Message #: Message 55

GDR makes a good point about what being a Christian is really about, and addresses the unfortunate hang-up of some fundamentalists on specific doctrines and biblical interpretations.

In response to Buzsaw, GDR writes:

This is the problem I have with your brand of fundamentalism. You seem to feel that the big concern I should have is what happens to me when I die. What you have effectively done is turned Christianity 180 degrees from what Christ intended. You have made it all about me and my salvation.

Christianity at its most basic is about taking the focus off of the self and putting it on God and neighbour. It is about living a life transformed by God and His Holy Spirit in service of His creation, which of course includes our neighbour who has been made in His image.

In my view you have twisted Christ's message, turning it into a magic formula of believing the right stuff so that one can get to live forever. Read Matthew 25 and the separating of the sheep from the goats. It isn't about what you believe it's about the condition of your heart. It’s about feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, visiting those in prison etc. There is nothing there about believing the right doctrine making you righteous.

I just thought: "spot on".



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