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Author Topic:   The Common Ancestor?
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06-26-2016 3:45 PM
Reply to: Message 336 by Emotive
06-26-2016 2:00 PM

Welcome back to the fray Emotive

If there is a common ancestor to Tram Law, Desmond tutu and Akira Kurosawa, has it been found? If not, should that call into question the existence of their common ancestor?

building on what Coyote said:

One common ancestor for those three would be the first anatomically modern Homo sapiens sapiens, which is dated to about 200,000 years ago. Specimens have been found.

We also have the genetic \ migration maps that shows ancestry through time, and these converge on their respective common ancestor populations (everyone has two parents not one common ancestor, and thus it is more exact to talk about populations than individuals).



(I notice that you have a large gap in posting here, so welcome back).

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