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Author Topic:   The Common Ancestor?
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06-16-2011 11:27 PM
Reply to: Message 183 by Mazzy
06-16-2011 2:50 PM

Re: Shoes Fit Both Feet
Surely you realize you are referencing wrong MRCA, yes? Your first bit is "refuting" the MRCA of HOMO-SAPIENS. The MRCA the rest of us are talking about is the MRCA between us and "monkeys".

The rest of your post is garbage. Creo websites lie. Bring some actual evidence next time.

"Why don't you call upon your God to strike me? Oh, I forgot it's because he's fake like Thor, so bite me" -Greydon Square

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 Message 183 by Mazzy, posted 06-16-2011 2:50 PM Mazzy has not yet responded

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