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Author Topic:   Intelligent Design vs. Real Science
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10-29-2010 10:37 PM
Reply to: Message 28 by Buzsaw
10-29-2010 8:49 PM

Re: When ID Becomes Scientific
If I had my druthers, science classes should have the freedom to apply all of the evidence supportive to ID, including that evidence which conventional science disallows.
Then you wouldn't be teaching science, would you?
A number of years ago, here at EvC I debated the highly esteemed physicist member, Eta Carena on what if the sun were relatively suddenly created?. My argument was that if the sun were relatively suddenly created as per the Biblical record, it would appear to be over 30 million years old because, as I understand, it takes that long for the average protostar to become a full fledged star.
Yeah, Eta didn't need to refute that point. He was just pointing out that the age the sun displays now is unnecessary to have the sun do what it needed to do then, which implies omphalistic deception. But anyone interested in that ancient argument is free to go back to see for themselves A young sun - a response.
If you want an objective debate between secularists and Biblical creationists but you disallow any evidence not physical/natural, you kill the debate. Thus the scientifially astute creationists who show up don't stay long.
But in the Intelligent Design Forum - we are meant to be exploring the natural evidence that supports the intelligent design hypothesis. I agree that there is no debate, but some ID proponents think there is, so here they come to display it. If you want to debate with supernatural evidence you need to go to the Theological Creationism and ID forum.
(In the Eta debate, he even granted a supernatural creation of the star and still argued the evidence shows this must have occurred way before 7,000 years ago without pure omphalism)
This follows through in the field of education. In the science departments, one must follow the secular line for employment.
A wise decision on the part of your courts. Did you know some of my taxes go towards paying for children to be brainwashed with Islamic propaganda?

Richard Dawkins Visits a Muslim School
Uploaded by blindwatcher. - Up-to-the minute news videos.
Thus the evidence for ID is never known by the young impressional empty minds waiting to be filled with knowledge.
Good point. If only there was some institution out there, open to children, where there was freedom to discuss the evidence for ID and Yahweh and the golden cities of paradise.
They graduate with their minds programmed by the assembly line of secularism.
Damn those assembly line mind programming programs of the secular elite!
Unfortunately those evil evolutionists make children chant passages from the Origin of Species and to trust Dawkins' every syllable and the lack of proselytizing from the quiet, meek humble silent majority of good Christians means they are overwhelmed.
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Member (Idle past 103 days)
Posts: 7801
From: Manchester, UK
Joined: 05-01-2005

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01-19-2011 11:05 AM
Reply to: Message 42 by Buzsaw
01-14-2011 11:44 PM

Re: Length Of Genesis Days.
That appears to be a different argument than the one you were having with Eta. More to the point, it seems to be in response to a side issue.
To the topic, you were saying something about the suppression of information about ID and the brainwashing of children in a secular assembly line. You concluded
Thus the evidence for ID is never known by the young impressional empty minds
Is your avoidance of my counterargument a concession on your part?

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 Message 42 by Buzsaw, posted 01-14-2011 11:44 PM Buzsaw has not replied

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