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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Intelligent Design vs. Real Science
Inactive Administrator

Message 43 of 142 (600549)
01-15-2011 6:40 AM
Reply to: Message 41 by andy435
01-14-2011 9:48 PM

Bare Links
Welcome andy435,
Glad you decided to add to our diversity. We have a wide variety of forums for your debating pleasure.
As members, we are guests on this board and as guests we are asked to put forth our best behavior.
Please read the Forum Guidelines carefully and understand the wishes of our host. Familiarize yourself with the various functions of EvC by using the Practice Makes Perfect Forum.
Your first two posts have already violated rule #5 concerning bare links. This is a debate forum. Try to present a viable argument.
Please direct any questions or comments you may have concerning this post to the Report Discussion Problems Here 3.0 thread.
Again, welcome and fruitful debating.
AdminPD Purple

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 Message 41 by andy435, posted 01-14-2011 9:48 PM andy435 has not replied

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