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Author Topic:   secularists do not want the truth
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08-23-2010 8:56 AM
Reply to: Message 29 by archaeologist
08-23-2010 8:18 AM

You ignore the papers and articles that demonstrate how the findings are correct, and which answer all of those supposed problems you love to bandy on.
You didn't think they'd sit and not answer their critics in support of their works? You didn't think they would just keep repeating something they knew to be wrong? You didn't think.

Despite the opportunity to show us how you would improve the system, you just kept asserting your single-minded brand of creotardness was perfect regardless of evidence to the contrary. You have been shown that your alternative is still nonsense, just like it was last year, last decade and last century. We want truth, and so far evolution is the closest thing to be found. But guess what? Science will find something better, because that is how science works.

All you did was preach that brand and spam your website. You call scientists as a whole dishonest liars. You ignored almost every rule on this forum. You ran away whenever somebody disagreed with any form of expertise.

If that's how you expound "truth", I and most others here are probably happier without it. Though the humour at your expense might be missed.

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