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Author Topic:   Harvard Researcher May Have Fabricated Data
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09-01-2010 11:23 PM
Reply to: Message 58 by Blue Jay
08-31-2010 1:23 PM

Science fraud in the medical industry
I should also like to point out that the money in science isn't usually all that great, and that we generally know this when we sign up, and that most of us don't really delude ourselves into thinking we're going to ever be particularly powerful. It's more common that curiosity and fascination for intellectual puzzles is the reason for a scientist to be a scientist.

What I am about to say probably deserves a topic of its own, but I have too many things to do right now, to start it myself. So the following are just some quick points.

I think the medical industry (drugs etc.) is an example where the money really might sometimes drive the results. I don't know to what degree the scientists are getting a piece of the big money.

Drug testing is a prime situation for bad things to happen. Studies are very complicated and very expensive. It's hard for a company to write off a drug as being ineffective or bad after they've invested huge money in the development and testing.

Also, I'm think it's very hard to get a large enough human test group. Thus problems may later show up even if the study was entirely proper.

Much more can be said - Someone please start the topic. Now I got other work to do.


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