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Author Topic:   Church Is Not Enough?
Tram law
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09-01-2010 4:49 PM

For proponents of putting religion in schools, why isn't Church and the home enough? Why must religion be taught in schools?
As for me, I will never support religion in schools. Religion is very divisive in nature, even at its most benign. For example, Christianity teaches that only proper Christians get to go to heaven, and only Christianity teaches that, at least that's what I've been told growing up, and it doesn't matter how good of a person you are, if you're not a proper Christian you do not get to go. And for me, if God exists, it is only God who gets to determine who is a proper Christian.
But the thing about being divisive, is that it often leads to bullying. Goth kids are often bullied by other students for one example, simply because they express themselves in a different manner than most people. Other schools ban the display of gang symbols and colors and have other dress codes to prevent fighting in order to keep order. And I believe that allowing religion in school you must allow all religions, even unpopular ones such as Satanism.
But as most religions fight each other for dominance, all religions will encourage students to be discriminated against. Here is one example of that kind of discrimination:
(I don't know how to embed videos or if that feature is available for this particular forum)
And shouldn't school prevent that kind of discrimination? Shouldn't school be all inclusive and secular in order to provide a safe environment for our students to get the education they require?
To that end, I have to ask, why isn't Church and the home enough?

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