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Author Topic:   Church Is Not Enough?
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09-02-2010 8:27 AM
Reply to: Message 4 by archaeologist
09-02-2010 7:14 AM

archie writes:
Tram writes:
for proponents of putting religion in schools, why isn't Church and the home enough? Why must religion be taught in schools?
it would be if schools were supportive and did not teach things that were contrary to the children's beliefs or the beliefs of their parents.
The question is, "Why must religion be taught in schools?" I'm not sure what your response is in reference to, but it sure doesn't answer the question.
i would reccommend only 3 translations one should use, KJV, NIV, NASB to get the correct information.
Why only those three? You know, there are many threads on this forum alone in which proponents of the KJV and NIV engage in some of the bloodiest debates about whose translation is "most inspired." So according to you, either is fine? Why? Were the fellas who determined the inclusion, order, and translation of these particular versions somehow "more inspired" than others?
christianity doesn't have to do this. it is supposed to preach the truth and live by God's ways.
Coulda, woulda, shoulda. So why doesn't it, then? Do only the "true" Christians have the ability to "preach truth"?
because bad behavior isn't limited to the church and home and not all homes teach true morality or christian beliefs, for that matter nor do some churches.
If this is your stab at answering the question, I'll just ask again: "Why?" Why would teaching religion in schools remedy this?

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