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Author Topic:   Report Discussion Problems Here 3.0
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From: Muenchen Bayern Deutschland
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Message 42 of 683 (586795)
10-14-2010 8:28 PM


I disagree with your permanent banning of matt101. I've muddled through most of the stuff there on the human evolution thread. We can't ban people at the outset of their getting here! This isn't about which snobs we choose to be here, is it? This is a person coming with wild claims, truly wild ideas that directly oppose what the world has to offer. I ask you, does he not fit the core search pattern this website seeks to find (& cure)?

Some people have been banned here after long stints and it seems to relate to their hardened inability to accept well reasoned positions. That sort of thing I might possibly agree with at least on many levels. But this person practically screaming for help has been turned out to the cold. I disagree with that.

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Posts: 308
From: Muenchen Bayern Deutschland
Joined: 06-15-2007

Message 193 of 683 (608861)
03-14-2011 7:35 PM
Reply to: Message 192 by fearandloathing
03-14-2011 7:17 PM

Re: Jar suspended??
fearandloathing writes:

subbie writes:

Fucking pathetic

Couldn't agree more. What jar said was on topic, directly responsive to something someone else said, and in a Coffee House thread fer Christ's sake.

I agree, I often make short comments or answers...admin should look at the context of msg and use common sense, I have seen much worse and probably have done worse...I am trying to learn what is expected of me in order to participate in a meaningful way...although I am sure I will slip...especially if I let emotions get involved.

I would also like to echo all of the above sentiments. Brevity is a desired virtue in a world of fluff and filler.

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