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Author Topic:   habitable planets
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10-01-2010 10:55 AM

No problem for Catholics.
The Catholic church officially decreed it is cool for the laity to belive in ETs.
The director of the Vatican observatory said it’s possible that intelligent life exists on other planets. And since aliens would be part of God’s creation, their existence would not contradict the Catholic faith. In an interview with the Vatican newspaper Rev. Jose Gabriel Funes discussed the Big Bang theory, as well as creation and evolution. The interview was originally published in Italian, but a priest from Holland translated the full interview to English and posted it on his website, FatherRoderick.com:

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Member (Idle past 614 days)
Posts: 2928
From: Lone Star State USA
Joined: 02-19-2004

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10-01-2010 1:04 PM
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10-01-2010 12:15 PM

Re: No problem for Catholics.
Did Christ travel to other planets and die to save ETs. from their original sin? I do not know. But if the ETs where not in the garden of eden, they did not eat the forbidden fruit so no original sin was committed, if one takes that story literal.

Are we the only ones who ate the apple? If you take the Garden of Eden story as literal then I would say yes.

Where we once all together in the garden of Eden? No mention in the text of anyone other than Adam and Eve so I'm going to say no. However some midrash puts another woman named Lilith there prior to Eve. Never made the cut though. Hope you like the pearls.

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