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Author Topic:   habitable planets
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10-01-2010 1:20 PM
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10-01-2010 1:04 PM

Re: No problem for Catholics.
Well, there are other Garden scenarios, like Wood Guthrie's in The Bragging Song:

Well, I'm just a lonesome traveler, a great historical bum
Highly educated through history I have come
I built the Rock of Ages, it was in the year oh one
And that's about the biggest thing that Man has ever done

I saw Adam and Eve driven from the door
I'm the guy that picked the figleaves that they wore
And from behind the bushes peepin' saw the apple they was eatin'
And I swear that I'm the one that et the core

Dost thou prate, rogue?

Real things always push back.
-William James

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