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Author Topic:   The Nonsense of Revelation 13 Economics
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Message 219 of 274 (804545)
04-11-2017 1:14 AM
Reply to: Message 218 by Davidjay
04-11-2017 1:02 AM

Those asterisks
Please clarify what you mean by the terms "*******", "********", and "*********".

Or are they just indicators that you are a wacko and your message(s) should be cast into the garbage heap?

Go ahead, in this case, reply to this message to clarify your topic position.


Or something like that©.

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 Message 218 by Davidjay, posted 04-11-2017 1:02 AM Davidjay has responded

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 Message 220 by Davidjay, posted 04-11-2017 2:05 AM Adminnemooseus has not yet responded

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