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Author Topic:   Living According to Christ: Is it Reasonable?
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11-17-2010 10:35 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by Jon
11-15-2010 3:33 PM

Re: 2000 Years; 2000 Differences
Jon writes:
I would like to discuss the teachings of the New Testament that instruct us on how to live. The specific question up for debate will be: given the difference between the mindset with which they were issued and the mindset with which we read them today, are such instructions reasonable and/or relevant in our present age?
The New Testament presents a lot of teachings telling people how to live and how to behave. These how to live teachings often ask that individuals disregard their earthly wealth and worries to live a life in devotion of Christ and God. But, of course, Jesus preached, and Paul believed, that the world was soon to end. And it appears that many of Jesus', and Paul's, how to live teachings seem specifically tied to this belief:
Several observations and Phats infamous 2 cents:
1) People have always believed that the world is going to end. Reality seems to suggest that at certain times in history, a certain culture and/or lifestyle did in fact end. Some of us modern day Christians will use the Bible to explain why our jobs are all going overseas, for example...or why immigration is a problem. We seem to equate Patriotism and American exclusivity with our divine right to be people of the book. But that's a bit off topic.......
Jon writes:
This is not the mindset of today. Most do not count on a coming kingdom for their immediate needs, and live each day for the benefit of the next. In fact, many of these teachings have taken on a different importance in our present day: it is not that we give to rid ourselves, so we now believe, but rather to provide for others. But such an interpretation only addresses a small aspect of the teaching, and anyone living by such an interpretation is clearly failing to fulfill the teaching to the utmost. We are to rid ourselves of all earthly concerns, so these teachings say, and devote our life to Christ and God. Few live to this standard.
Ridding myself of all earthly concerns in a symbolic sense is comforting. Ridding myself of these concerns in a practical sense is silly, however. If a man does not work, he will not eat nor be able to pay rent.
Jon writes:
So, for this thread I would like to discuss these teachings of the New Testament that instruct us on how to live...In the 21st Century, is it reasonable to live like Christ commanded?
If it seemed reasonable then but not so much anymore, how do we reconcile this with what is written?
Jar has already talked of this stuff. He basically says that we humans were given a great gift to know right from wrong, that we are charged to do right...treat the least of our brothers with respect and love, and sacrifice our own comforts, if necessary, in order to do so. How far should one carry it? To literally give evrything up for Jesus is logically irresponsible. How is Jesus gonna pay my rent?
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11-21-2010 1:08 AM
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11-18-2010 5:14 PM

Re: Apocalyptic Jesus?
When Jesus says to 'sell what you have, and give to the poor', and 'do not worry about tomorrow', how do you take his message?
Obviously I don't take all literally. I agree with jars assessment.
As far as not worrying about tomorrow, I fear I have abused and contorted that one. I literally have nothing saved for retirement.

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