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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Deconversion experiences
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12-07-2010 8:34 PM
Reply to: Message 220 by Dawn Bertot
12-07-2010 8:19 PM

Re: ANOTHER powerful testimony from Dawn Bertot?
hi dawn,
Dawn Bertot writes:
In most of those instances, cited by individuals, they like many others had no foundation of reason or scripture, to start with
They are sloppy examples of why a person should not believe in the Bible or Gods word
i'm a little late to the thread and honestly didn't go look for the articles. and don't much care to, either. i've heard plenty of stories about losing faith based in a poor understanding of scripture -- and many of the vehement atheists i've talked to have an understanding of the scriptures that is just as rudimentary and flawed as your average fundamentalist christian.
that said, i've also heard some good stories about losing faith based on proper, legitimate, academic understanding of the scriptures. they say that loss of faith is actually the major obstacle in seminary school -- there's a very high drop out rate once people begin to truly understand the bible. i can confirm that this is a very real challenge, from my own studies into the bible.
i suggest that if you really want to challenge your faith, you should study the bible. and i mean, really study it. not that stuff they do in church. find a good translation, or better yet, learn some hebrew. take a bible-as-literature class. study the history of the ancient near east, and read some literature from the surrounding nations. find commentaries, especially the jewish ones, and read those. or, stick around here long enough.
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