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Author Topic:   Deconversion experiences
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12-06-2010 5:56 AM
Reply to: Message 191 by Dawn Bertot
12-06-2010 3:13 AM

Re: Catch 22
Provide the particle of evidence or argument that will allow you conclusions to be better than design. Do this from the physical evidence or in a logical form and I will show you that it is not possible
Okay how is this for an example? In the animal kingdom we most closely resemble the great apes, yet they have 24 pairs of chromosomes while we have 23 pairs. So if we shared a common ancestor we should find evidence that one of our chromosomes originated from the fusion of two ape chromosomes. Our chromosome 2 appears to be just such a fusion of the chimpanzee chromosomes 2p and 2q. There is a second, partial, centromere sequence which matches with the corresponding chimp chromosome; there is telomere sequence in the middle of our chromosome, when telomeres are normally found at the ends of chromosomes; and the position of genes on our chromosome is identical to those on the two chimp chromosomes.
How do you see ID explaining this apparent fusion event? The telomere and centromere artefacts are non-functional so for a designed system why are they there?

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