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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Deconversion experiences
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Message 192 of 299 (594992)
12-06-2010 5:29 AM
Reply to: Message 191 by Dawn Bertot
12-06-2010 3:13 AM

A powerful testimony from Dawn Bertot?
This isn't really a debate topic - Rather it is a "tell your personal anecdote" type topic. I don't offhand see how such can even begin to be refuted. I guess a coherent (key word) testimony to why one came to have a religious faith might be a possibility.
Dawn Bertot is not (IMO) doing such such a testimony. Rather, he seems to be doing a strong job of demonstrating an irrational and incoherent version of faith. More of a powerful testimony for reasons to leave your faith.
Now my here response, and also the responses of others upthread, may be falling into violating forum rule 10:
Always treat other members with respect. Argue the position, not the person. Avoid abusive, harassing and invasive behavior. Avoid needling, hectoring and goading tactics.
But what can one do, when faced with such as DB? Can anyone really make any sense of his position really is?
And how does an admin (especially one from the evo side) moderate such a thing? I guess all I can hope is that AdminSlev (creo side?) can step in and make some sort of judgment here.
Bottom line - Dawn, as best I can tell, everyone here (except maybe Buzsaw) thinks your are, for lack of a better phrase, badly incoherent. I think Buzsaw's perspective is pretty warped, but at least I can usually comprehend what he's trying to say (see here). Not is the case with you.
ps: Last thought - I really miss member "Truthlover". I think he might be the only member, in this forum's history, with the special wisdom to best deal with DB.

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