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Author Topic:   Are any of these prophecies fulfilled by Jesus?
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07-20-2011 6:42 AM

I know of not a single item in the Gospels or the quran which have been accepted by the world's institutions as vindicated. But I would welcome any premise, concept or law from those scriptures which are correct, good or accepted by any world institutions other than their own, marking the difference between rituals and laws.

The only prophesy which can be said to be vindicated the last 3000 years I know of is an ancient declaration made in writing that Israel will return. Also, the premise of NOT A BRICK SHALL STAND has been clearly disproven: there are 1000's of bricks in the western wall today. I hope this is niot seen as a negative factor - after all, belief and religion are only means to test us, how we behave when we are given some play.

The greatest prophesy is when a time and date is included.

Member (Idle past 2521 days)
Posts: 2822
Joined: 06-30-2007

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07-20-2011 6:52 AM
Reply to: Message 106 by Portillo
07-20-2011 2:54 AM

Re: bottom line
How do you tweak the prophecy of crucifixion or the prophecy of Jews rejecting Jesus and Gentiles accepting Jesus, which is exactly what happened.

I don't see the Jews as rejecting Christianity - they merely remained as Jews, in keeping with their own beliefs, as is their right to do so. They have no negative inclusion in their writings about Christians or Muslims. In fact we can only say that Christianity and Islam rejected each other, and both attacked Jews and their beliefs - because these emerged at the same period and under the same doctrines of the same space-times they mention, but in total contradiction of each other. Both cannot be right; both cannot be divine revelation! At least one is fibbing.

Ask yourself if you were a Jew, undergoing numerous existential wars for your beliefs with a host of nations, for 2,000 years and 2,600 years before Christianity and Islam emerged, you would accept the Gospels and/or the quran, which puts a bullet hole in your core beliefs? I doubt it!

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