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Author Topic:   Are any of these prophecies fulfilled by Jesus?
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08-01-2012 3:22 PM
Reply to: Message 141 by Phat
04-09-2012 9:10 AM

Re: bottom line
Hello Jar, yes I would like to take you up on your offer. I am no expert but I have been told that Daniel 9:25 is about prophesy of Jesus and gives a time. Interestingly for me is it was mentioned out of context so I would like to know what you make of it in your understanding.

Indeed the person who mentioned this to me said that the Jewish scholars had placed a curse on this verse to deter people from doing the math.

I have read the entire post and have found it interesting. Easier to read and take in than the old testament itself.

Any insight on why my eyes glaze over and my mind switches off when reading the old testament?

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