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Author Topic:   Something BIG is coming! (AIG trying to build full sized ark)
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07-05-2011 4:22 PM

Pastor Richard Greene is building "Noah's Ark" in Frostburg MD.
In 1974, Pastor Richard Greene was repeatedly told by Jesus to build an Ark next to the interstate. The ark would be 450 feet long, 75 feet wide and 45 feet high. Through a series of "miracles," materials and expertise was donated to get the project started in 1976. Greene has traveled around the world to show off the architect's drawings and plans, but things seemed to have stalled out at times. "As God provides, we will build."
Noah's Ark Being Rebuilt, Frostburg, Maryland
He started the project in 1976. In 1999 a steel superstructure was erected but apparent progress has been nil since then.
I guess "God is providing" at his own pace. OTOH by the historical standard for arks I guess he is way ahead of schedule. Some Ark apologists believe old Noah was at it for 120 years although this is vigorously disputed by other Ark apologists (and no one disputes more vigorously than an Ark apologist).
Note: This "ark" is an earthbound building (well, building skeleton at the moment). If it ever gets built (doubtful unless a deep pocket donor shows up) it will be a conference/educational center - or maybe an ark theme park, who knows.
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