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Author Topic:   Something BIG is coming! (AIG trying to build full sized ark)
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04-24-2011 8:31 PM
Reply to: Message 118 by Theodoric
04-24-2011 8:15 PM

Re: That boat won't float ... really ?
This work was fully supported by the Korea Association of Creation Research.

S.W. Hong, S. S. Na, B. S. Hyun, S. Y. Hong, D. S. Gong, K. J. Kang, S. H. Suh, K. H. Lee and Y. G. Je are all on the staff of the Korea Research Institute of Ships and Engineering, Taejon. This paper was originally published in Korean and English in the Proceedings of the International Conference on Creation Research, Korea Association of Creation Research, Taejon, 1993, pp. 105–137. This English translation is published with the permission of the Korea Association of Creation Research and the authors.

So the researchers are staff to the Korea Research Institute of Ships and Engineering. The study in question was not sanctioned, vetted or approved by the Korea Research Institute of Ships and Engineering. Only the Creationist orgs approved of the study. This is not any kind of peer review. Since we know, have the history and examples, of creationist subterfuge in such matters this one does not carry the sweet smell of legitimacy.

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