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Author Topic:   General Discussion Of Moderation Procedures (aka 'The Whine List')
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07-21-2014 10:09 PM

From the Geology and the Great Flood forum (Message 53)


There are a lot of messages, some rather (for lack of a better term) pretty complicated, being directed at Faith.
I'm also perceiving some conflicting information being presented by the evo side.

The non-admin counterpart (Minnemooseus) would like to address a number of Edge comments, but I'm not up to it at the moment.

Bottom line - How about lightening up some? Restrict your posts to saying something really good. And bring up the friendly level.

Comment replies to this message are welcome, but do such via the "Whine List" topic.

Well, since some items seem to be of personal preference or, at least, situational, I'd say that some disagreement would be expected.

Also, if you will notice, I have not directly addressed Faith in either of my last few posts but directed comments more to those interested or to lurkers.

However, I'm game to tune it down a bit. The problem is that my latest contract allows me either to little time or too much and I might end up with too much information at times. If it's overwhelming, I will back off.

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Member (Idle past 339 days)
Posts: 4696
From: Colorado, USA
Joined: 01-09-2002

Message 766 of 1043 (733980)
07-23-2014 4:26 PM
Reply to: Message 764 by Percy
07-23-2014 12:59 PM

Re: Getting picked on by a gang
I agree that Faith treats many people very badly. The way she usually does this is to encourage people into great explanatory efforts, after which she variously ignores or lambastes them. When cornered she invents a crisis so that discussion of the topic ceases. Like now.
I also agree about the denial. Faith peering out from her creationist mindset can no more discern true reality and science than could ancient astronomers peering out from Earth figure out the solar system.

Sometimes, I think Faith disagrees simply to disagree, and it comes off as being chronically disagreeable.

It seems to be some kind of automatic response, even when it's not necessary.

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