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Author Topic:   General Discussion Of Moderation Procedures (aka 'The Whine List')
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01-06-2012 7:03 AM
Reply to: Message 366 by Buzsaw
01-05-2012 6:30 PM

Re: Buzsaw's Alleged Racism
Buzsaw writes:

The Voice Of The Martyrs and other like organizations which I support are all indiscriminate, serving other than blacks.

Poverty knows no race. Do you have an example of them "serving" poor white South Africans or poor Indians?
Buzsaw writes:

By and large the blacks in Africa, Haite etc are the most in need of assistance.

Oh, I don't kow. How do you determine the race of people? The Pencil test? Ever been to the slums of India? Are Indians classified as "black" by your definition? And don't even think of China. Lots of very, very poor people indeed.
Wiki on pencil test writes:

A type of test used by authorities in apartheid South Africa to "determine" a person's race whenever in dispute (see Coloured and Passing). A pencil would be placed in a person's hair, if it fell through they were classified as "white"; if the pencil did not fall through, they were classified differently. Members of the same family who had different hair textures would find themselves in different race groups as a result of this test. This presented serious consequences for many families (for example, see Pass Law, Group Areas Act, District Six)."

Wiki on pencil test writes:

The test was done by subjective officers. Such was the craziness of the apartheid era. Unbelievable things happened. Though it's history now, people alive today can give accounts of having been subjected to the pencil test. In South Africa, "the pencil test" is remembered as one of the most ridiculous and disturbing things created by apartheid.

Buzsaw writes:

The slaves in America having food, shelter and clothes etc were better off than many of them,.....

Now that's interesting. Well-off slaves. I'm sure everybody in the world aspired to be one of them! To be a slave in the US must have been the most sought-after occupation in the world at that time.
Buzsaw writes:

.... who were often brutalized, enslaved and perhaps, eaten by fellow black barbarians.

How do you distinguish between the descendants of "fellow black barbarians" who sold "fellow black barbarians" to Europeans, or "ate" them; from people who are descendants of people who missed being sold (or eaten) by their "fellow black barbarians". The pencil test won't work on this.

This post makes me very, very angry; very, very sad and also very, very sick.

Why don't people just follow a very simple rule: don't do to others what you don't want to be done to yourself? Why do people even attempt to rationalize evil deeds? That really angers me.

Sorry, this was off topic and it was wrong of me to post it here. I was just so angry I couldn't help myself (I'm trying to rationalize my mistakes. Sorry).

OFF TOPIC - Please Do Not Respond to this message by continuing in this vein.

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